Specialty Procedures

Specialty Procedures

Learn about our specialty courses to specialized permanent makeup procedures

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Spring Lake Park

Mucosal Eyeliner

• Art of adding color to the inner mucosal tissue below and above the eye
• Complements the eye
• Adds depth

Midwest Permanent Makeup & Apprenticeship Spring Lake Park
Spring Lake Park

Microblading Eyebrows

• Coloring the eyebrow area
• Creating a natural looking brow

Examples of permanent makeup procedures.

The photos used in this portfolio are representative of procedures using permanent makeup. Training for scalp procedures will be available soon.

  Apprentice Work Supervisor Work
Brows: Machine done solid/ombre $175.00 $600.00
Brows: Hairstroke or Microblading $200.00 $650.00
Eyeliner Machine done natural $175.00 $600.00
Eyeliner thick or winged $225.00 $650.00
Lipliner $175.00 $600.00
Full Lip Color $325.00 $850.00

All procedures done with apprentices cost is $75, the touch up with a supervisor is free if supervisor works on client.  All touch ups must be within 90 days of initial procedure date, touch ups are only for people that where worked on at Midwest. If 90 days is missed and cost for apprentice to do touch up will be full price again, with a supervisor cost is half of regular price. NO Exceptions to this.